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At CareerSolution, you can also come to us for your assessment. We provide assessments for both organisations and individuals.

Assessments English

The assessments we provide are Development and Career Assessments. CareerSolution provides the assessments at its branches in The Hague and Rotterdam.


For any organisation or individual wanting to gain a better understanding of their job profile and development opportunities.

What differentiates CareerSolution from other assessment agencies?

Besides assessments, CareerSolution also provides various career paths for higher educated people. As a result, in addition to the necessary assessment knowledge, we also have a thorough knowledge of the career field so that the advice is perfectly in line with the current labour market.

Rate and duration

Both the Career and Development Assessment are taken individually. The fee for a regular assessment is EUR 2,250 excluding VAT. Arrangements are made in consultation with the candidate and client. We start the process with an intake interview. A number of tests are then taken and a follow-up appointment is made for a personal interview, follow-up interviews and a final interview. The full assessment can be completed within a month.

More information on the Assessments:

In the relationship between people and work, a number of phases can be distinguished. In a first phase, people orientate themselves to work through occupational choices and interests. Then, after selection, people enter an organisation to perform a job or profession. During this work, people gain further knowledge and experience, as a result of which they develop and often move on to other positions, and finally, somewhere along the way, those activities end by finding a job elsewhere, through dismissal and/or outplacement.

CareerSolution notices that the job market is becoming increasingly volatile and uncertain. Candidates are expected to have the right qualities to be employable at the time, but that requires people to have a good understanding of themselves. In their personal/career development.

To this end, CareerSolution has developed a practical tailor-made programme that helps people chart their own course into the future. Central to this is the question: ?what are my options?

What does the assessment look like?

The process starts with a selection of tests that the candidate takes online. This is followed by a number of individual interviews with one of our assessors.

CareerSolution deploys instruments that offer insight into the candidate's own unique characteristics, knowledge and skills, allowing him or her to discover which direction is successful for him or her. Together, we examine what level is attainable, what, for example, are the teamwork skills, but also the personality traits. We also look at work approach, dealing with others, working under stress and so on. Together with CareerSolution, we colour your future, which can encourage you to take a different path or develop further in your existing work. With a small investment of time, you will receive a personal roadmap for the job market, tailored to your qualities. You decide for yourself how to shape your future.

CareerSolution provides both Career assessments as Development Assessments

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