Career coaches

Career coaches

Career coaches assist people in discovering a suitable and desired career direction. Experienced career coaches help you understand the reasons behind your situation and search with you for answers such as "Which job suits me?". With their professional knowledge and expertise, they will give you tips, advice and guide you in keeping control of your career.

What do career coaches do?

Career coaches offer you the platform to achieve your goals through coaching. With coaching, you yourself are the one in charge. Your career coach is by your side to help you do this, but it is up to you to take the journey. Compared to training, where knowledge is transferred or therapy, where problems and limitations are addressed, with career coaching the emphasis and focus are on you as a person and what is needed to achieve your goals effectively (often faster).

CareerSolution is a career consulting firm where several career coaches operate. Of course, we are happy to be of service if you are looking for a good career coach:

CareerSolution Outplacement and Reintegration

Types of career coaches

If you are looking for a form of coaching that suits you, there is something for everyone. From career coaches who deal with leadership or executive coaching for company directors, stress coaches who teach you how to deal with pressure and performance coaches for those who want to get better results. Or maybe you're looking for something more focused on improving life - life coaches can help with that.

There are also different approaches within coaching styles; walking coaching, blended coaching, worklife coaching and provocative coaching are just some of the ways in which this service can be delivered. In the end, it's all about how you achieve your goals.

Career coaching is meant to boost your career, but professional career coaches can also help when your career is unexpectedly difficult - for example, due to dismissal. In that case, the aim of coaching is to get your career going again, as in the case of long-term absence. We then speak of reintegration (first or second track). You will also regularly come across the term career assessment; this means examining which career follow-up is most appropriate.

Career coaches

What can you learn from career coaches?

Coaching pathways can help you determine what your appropriate career path is. Different topics are discussed, depending on the situation: Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? Why do I want it, and How do I get there? Through coaching programmes, you will gain insight into which jobs suit you best before new steps are taken to make things happen. Of course, this can vary from the same job with better working conditions to a completely new job.

Do career coaches add value?

If you knew that most people spend about 20% of their lives processing - this amounts to about 90,000 hours or 13 years? If you also knew that, on average, we spend 1.3 years commuting and before we are 30 we have had as many as 7 or 8 jobs? And when research shows that the majority of employed people no longer enjoy their work? We thought that was reason enough to take a serious look at career development with you.

Choosing a career coach

There are numerous coaches in the Netherlands you can turn to for career coaching. They often possess a wide range of specialisations, such as 'life coaching' that focuses on work and personal life, and many other forms of coaching. It can be difficult to see the wood for the trees when it comes to making a good choice of coach. That is why we are happy to share tips on how to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Many career coaches in the Netherlands have been verified by one of several bodies, such as NOLOC NOBCO, CMI, etc., on their professional quality. The certification process provides a certain degree of assurance that the coach has been tested for basic professionalism. Yet it is not a 100% guarantee that you as a client will always get the best possible services. There are external parties such as OVAL that thoroughly test all career coaches and also monitor them during the coaching process to guarantee you even more security that you are dealing with a good coach.

Differences between career coaches

Need professional advice on career choices with the most future prospects? Then speak to a career coach. Would you like to know in which job your skills and talents are best showcased, while also generating an income? Then contact a career coach familiar with the job market.

Are you unemployed or disabled and looking for suitable work (again)? A reintegration coach or consultant can help. Reintegration 1st track involves returning to your former employer to perform suitable work there. If there are no possibilities, this party will help you find the same job elsewhere or 'reintegration 2nd track'.

Are you facing the challenge of finding another job due to circumstances? Then contact a outplacement coach from CareerSolution. Thanks to their knowledge of the job market and experience in helping you search for jobs, they will guide you in finding your next work opportunity!

Are you physically or mentally disabled and feel distanced from the labour market as a result? If so, talk to the municipality or UWV about a job coaching programme aimed specifically at people like you. With this budget, you can hire a specialised Jobcoach to help you on your way to get information about physical and/or mental disability (plus what that may imply personally) but also knowledge about regulation around labour market.

Who are the clients of career coaches?

People of all ages, gender and backgrounds can benefit from career advice or coaching. Whether you are already working or looking for a new career, the benefits of engaging a career coach are numerous. These could range from questions about what your next step should be to help you regain pleasure in your work. Perhaps your goal is to grow, but you don't know what exactly that means? A career coach can assist helpfully by providing insight into what talents and potential difficulties are involved.

How much will career coaching cost?

This is an important question to ask. There are different pathways that vary in terms of cost. On average, the costs are between EUR 3,500 and EUR 5,000 for a six-month coaching path. Sometimes career counselling is sponsored by the employer, which reimburses you (part of) the coaching costs. In addition, some insurance companies also reimburse part of these costs. Of course, you can also invest for it yourself, since with career coaching you earn back what you spend on it - how nice would it be if your job satisfaction and salary increase with 10%? Your investment can yield even more in the process!

Should you wish to use the services of one of the career coaches at CareerSolution Career Services, please contact us for more information.