Outplacement Amsterdam Vondelpark 

Are you eligible for reintegration second track or outplacement? Call or email us for an appointment at our Amsterdam office. Our office is easy to reach and can be found near the Vondelpark:

Outplacement Amsterdam Vondelpark

Reintegration second track

CareerSolution Vondelpark :
Van Eeghenlaan 27
1071 EN Amsterdam

Looking for a new position? Our career coaches will help you get back on track quickly by working with you to find a new job. You can make a no-obligation appointment with one of our career coaches. 

Outplacement Amsterdam Vondelpark

Van Eeghenlaan 27,1071 EN Amsterdam

Outplacement and reintegration in Amsterdam

Our outplacement specialists specialise in career guidance for higher educated people. At CareerSolution in Amsterdam, you are assured of expert outplacement and reintegration 2nd track guidance! You will find us at Van Eeghenlaan 27, near the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

More information

Would you like more information about the possibilities for outplacement or reintegration 2nd track at Outplacement Amsterdam Vondelpark? Make an appointment with one of our career coaches today. Our career processes are tailor-made and we are always happy to discuss your wishes regarding your desired outplacement process in an informal meeting.

During office hours, we can be reached by phone at 085-8885-143. Of course, you can also fill in our contact form or send an e-mail to info@careersolution.nl. We are happy to serve you!

Outplacement Amsterdam Vondelpark

CareerSolution Amsterdam: outplacement for higher educated people

CareerSolution is an outplacement agency with 14 offices throughout the Netherlands. Our specialists professionally guide employees to new and suitable work. For our Amsterdam location, outplacement of redundant employees, or employees who have become stuck in their jobs, is daily business. In addition to organisations and employers, higher educated people also know how to find us in their search for a new and suitable position. Our work is result-oriented, effective and pragmatic.

Looking for outplacement in Amsterdam? CareerSolution guides you to the next step in your career. For more information or an introduction, please Contact CareerSolution Amsterdam. 

Outplacement Amsterdam for employees

Are you working in Amsterdam and looking for professional guidance during an outplacement process? CareerSolution has years of experience in guiding higher educated people through an outplacement process. We are very familiar with the field of higher education and focus on effective and fast guidance to new work. Work that suits you, that reflects who you are, and where you see opportunities, possibilities and a future. Your qualities always come first.

Outplacement has many advantages for employees. It allows you to finish the period with your current employer in a pleasant and positive atmosphere, but also assures you of a new and suitable challenge when your contract comes to an end.

This ensures that you can complete the final days with your current employer with a positive attitude as well, while shaping the next steps of your career with our career coaches.

Also, outplacement allows you to respond positively to a dismissal and stay in control yourself.

Are you an employer looking for an outplacement agency in Amsterdam to support one of your employees in their search for a new job? Of course, CareerSolution is at your service. For more information or a no-obligation quotation and introduction, please contact Contact our specialists for outplacement in Amsterdam.

Reasons for an outplacement process

There can be several reasons for outplacement in Amsterdam. Sometimes the content of a job changes over the years and you have now come to the conclusion that the job no longer suits you. Or a situation or conflict has occurred at work that now prevents you from functioning within the organisation.

But also when you need to look for a new job due to a reorganisation, you can turn to CareerSolution Amsterdam. Together, we will gladly look at the possibilities for outplacement in Amsterdam and its surroundings. We will make a plan of action and, based on your qualities, start looking for a new job.

What can we do for you?

You may be wondering what outplacement means. Outplacement is another word for support or help in finding a new challenge. CareerSolution is an outplacement agency in Amsterdam and we are going to help you find a new challenge. In doing so, you will receive professional support from our coaches.

Introduction and customisation

Of course, our outplacement process does not start without a personal introduction. We are happy to receive you at one of our offices in Amsterdam. Outplacement by CareerSolution Amsterdam is the start of your new future.

After our introduction, we develop a tailor-made solution for your situation. During your process, you will always be in contact with a coach who will also help you, during individual coaching sessions, with insight, overview and future perspective. Are you from the education sector and looking for outplacement? Then take a look at the website of Onderwijs-Herstart, specialists in outplacement services for schools.

Besides coaching, outplacement at CareerSolution Amsterdam consists of various programme components that steer the process. For example, you can attend job application training, orientate yourself on the job market, discover your core competences or network effectively.

Would you like to meet our professional academically trained coaches?

We cordially invite you to our Amsterdam office. Contact us directly by phone to make an appointment.

Costs for outplacement in Amsterdam

The cost of outplacement in Amsterdam depends on the duration and intensity of the process. We make a tailor-made offer for each process because each outplacement programme is tailor-made. Prior to the process, you will of course have a clear idea of the costs.

The budget available for your outplacement in Amsterdam is usually set in the settlement agreement with your employer.

Sometimes, a certain amount of money is available for your outplacement and you can hire an outplacement agency yourself. Of course, the transitional allowance can also be used for an outplacement programme. Good help with dismissal is enormously valuable and can ensure that you find a new job faster, which also suits you better.

Outplacement for employers in Amsterdam

For employers, a redundancy or employee who gets stuck is an exceptional situation. CareerSolution Amsterdam has the right process for every type of employee and offers employers clarity on the rights and obligations in this situation. We have extensive experience with outplacement in Amsterdam and its surroundings at various companies in both the profit and non-profit sector.

Our personal, effective and result-oriented approach, fits seamlessly with our target group of higher educated staff. For you as an employer, being a good employer is obviously paramount and offering an outplacement programme is certainly part of that.

More information

Would you like to receive more information on outplacement for your employees? Then contact the specialists at CareerSolution Amsterdam.

We are happy to tailor a quote for your application and know how to find a solution for every challenge. Our approach is effective and result-oriented.