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For outplacement and reintegration second track in Rotterdam, CareerSolution is the place to be. CareerSolution Outplacement and reintegration has extensive experience in providing both outplacement and reintegration second track for higher educated people. 

Outplacement services Rotterdam

Outplacement and reintegration second track Rotterdam

Elektroweg 11z,3051 NB Rotterdam

Outplacement and second-track reintegration

CareerSolution thinks with you. Together with you, we will look for a job that really suits you! Our experienced career coaches will help you find the right solution to all your problems.

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Would you like to know what the possibilities are regarding outplacement or reintegration second track? Call us for more information. The general manager of CareerSolution will be happy to talk to you.

Would you like to make an immediate no-obligation appointment with a career coach? You can easily do so by calling our central number: 085-8885-143 or send an e-mail to info@careersolution.nl. Of course, you can also fill in our contact form. We will be happy to serve you!

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Are you eligible for outplacement in Rotterdam?

CareerSolution Outplacement Rotterdam focuses specifically on higher educated people. It is precisely because of this specialisation that CareerSolution is able to achieve appealing results. Not only in terms of success rate, but also in terms of client satisfaction, great results are achieved every year.

Are you eligible for reintegration second track Or would you, as an employer, like more information on the reintegration second track trajectories of CareerSolution please check here on our website for more information.

How does outplacement come about?

We start with an introductory conversation. Besides getting acquainted, this meeting is mainly intended to clarify which components are most appropriate in outplacement and what the focus of the individual coaching sessions will be. Clients of CareerSolution outplacement Rotterdam can always count on a outplacement program working with a permanent certified outplacement coach. A coach who is, of course, also trained as a career coach.

What does the outplacement programme look like?

Usually, a outplacement programme consists of 4 successive phases: dismissal (if necessary), labour market orientation, networking/job search and actively approaching the labour market. Thus, you work with your personal on self-reflection, explore your current position in the labour market. Furthermore, you are actively supported in actually acquiring the new position. Each candidate is stimulated to make choices that will lead to a sustainable employment contract so that the career can be continued with a new position where you will be perfectly at ease as an employee.

How effective is outplacement?

Research has shown that outplacement is effective. On average, with outplacement, 67% of all candidates find a new job. At CareerSolution Outplacement Rotterdam, these figures are even much higher. Annually, we are able to successfully conclude more than 85% of our processes in Rotterdam.

At CareerSolution, you will not be sent from one workshop to another. We offer targeted pathways where you work with a regular experienced outplacement coach. The workshops we offer at CareerSolution are complementary to this coaching and always complementary to the outplacement process.

Both employer and employee can be clients for the outplacement. The core of outplacement processes at CareerSolution lies in individual outplacement coaching under the guidance of an experienced certified coach. Through a no-obligation introductory meeting, you get an impression of the route to be followed. Together with your coach, you draw up an action plan that is completely tailored to your needs and personal situation. If there is agreement on the outplacement route, the following components can be part of the outplacement:

  • Jobsearching & Jobhunting 

Your regular outplacement coach offers candidates support at our Rotterdam location in their search for suitable vacancies. With the help of tips and advice, candidates search specifically for suitable jobs. They can also use the Jobsearch application Jobdigger, with which candidates find suitable vacancies before they are presented on the regular vacancy market. come along to our CareerSolution Outplacement Rotterdam location for an introduction!

  • Labour Market Orientation

During this phase, candidates orient themselves to their personal opportunities in the labour market. From this, a targeted vocational advice follows, tailored to the candidate's core competences and the current labour market situation.

  • Career and/or personality tests

Where do your wishes and opportunities lie and how can you gain a broader perspective on your situation? What is your self-image like, which opportunities match your qualities and work experience, and where do limitations lie? All this can be supported by using specifically selected tests.

  • Active approach to the labour market

Candidates can count on active support in selecting suitable vacancies and writing a successful letter and CV. During one of the interviews with the outplacement coach or via phone and mail, job applications are optimally prepared. Moreover, written presentations and conversation skills are optimised through training. 

If you have an international background and are interested in an outplacement programme in english please check our website about our english outplacement services.