CareerSolution strives to provide the highest possible level of quality when it comes to career coaching, outplacement and reintegration.

Similarly, the coaches at CareerSolution also have to meet the highest quality standards in the areas of coaching and career consultancy. As such, all coaches working on behalf of CareerSolution are certified by one of the three professional associations, NOLOC (Nederlandse Orde van Loopbaan Coaches (Dutch Association of Career Coaches)), NOBCO (Nederlandse Orde van Beroeps Coaches (Dutch Association of Vocational Coaches)) or CMI (Career Management Institute).

In accordance with the ethical codes of conduct of these professional associations, CareerSolution has, amongst other things, adopted a complaints policy as well as a privacy policy, which can both be viewed at all of the office locations. Both are also available to download here:

Complaints policy

Privacy policy

Furthermore, CareerSolution also uses the following General Terms & Conditions for the execution of our outplacement and/or reintegration assignments: General Terms & Conditions. These terms and conditions apply both to outplacement and/or reintegration assignments for organisations as well as outplacement and/or reintegration assignments for individual candidates. General Terms and Conditions If you have any questions please call us for more information