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CareerSolution is a reintegration and Outplacement Services with extensive experience in the area of career counselling in general, as well as reintegration programmes in particular. We are focused specifically on candidates with a higher education (post-secondary), allowing us to achieve optimal results for this target group. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right solution for all your labour-related concerns and are always ready to assist you. Based on your qualities, specific career wishes and possibilities for development, we will embark on a search for a fitting position for you.

If you are no longer able to return to your old position due to illness, we will first investigate whether any options exist for suitable employment within your current organization. In the event that this is not the case, we will search outside of the organisation for a suitable new position 2e spoor re-integratie It’s not always an easy feat to quickly get back to work at a new position that perfectly fits your possibilities and ambitions. Fortunately, CareerSolution is the ideal partner for those with a higher education who want to take a new step in their careers through reintegration. CareerSolution will help you get there.

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CareerSolution provides customised programmes in which you can rely on seasoned coaches to know exactly how to help you successfully move on to the next chapter in your career. All our coaches are certified by one of the three relevant professional associations: NOLOC (Nederlandse Orde van Loopbaan Coaches (Dutch Association of Career Coaches)), NOBCO (Nederlandse Orde van Beroeps Coaches (Dutch Association of Vocational Coaches)) or CMI (Career Management Institute). In addition to this, we also have a wide network as well as extensive experience in the area of reintegration programmes. Our reintegration counselling services are practical and aimed at successful procurement of a job or assignment of which you decide whether or not it is suitable for you. contact Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to ask about the possibilities or to make an appointment at one of our 13 office locations at no obligation to sit down and discuss how we can help you. Our specialists will then proactively get to work on getting you back to work in a fitting position!

CareerSolution is a reputable, medium-sized reintegration and outplacement agency. Our clientele consists of both individual candidates as well as organisations (both profit and non-profit). We strive to provide our clients with the highest possible quality in the area of career counselling, outplacement and reintegration.

Our working method
Reintegration is typically a complex matter, especially when it comes to reintegration of people with a higher education.
CareerSolution will help you find your way. With your illness progression and the work situation at your old employer in mind, we will plan out a programme that is tailored to your specific situation with the objective of finding a new position that fits with your ambitions, experience and capacity. Our programmes are personalised and we are always ready to sit down with you for a meeting (at no obligation) to discuss your wants and needs in relation to a suitable reintegration programme.

The core of CareerSolution’s reintegration programmes is individual coachingOur coaches are true professional coaches who are all certified by one of the two active professional associations in the Netherlands. During an introductory, no-obligation meeting you will be able to get a first impression of the career coach who will be working with you if you choose to enlist our services. Together with your coach you will set up an action plan that caters to your wishes with respect to reintegration.

If necessary, specific aspects can be added to the reintegration programme, such as labour market orientation,,  effectief solliciteren and effective networking..

In addition, CareerSolution has a wide range of extra support facilities at its disposal, such as tests. All our coaches are certified to give career tests. If desired, you will also have access to useful reference material. Besides this, we provide the option of finding exactly the right job listings for verwerven you which fit.

At CareerSolution, we are ready to serve our clients’ reintegration needs from any of our 13 office locations in: Amsterdam (two locations), Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden, Amstelveen, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Breda, Groningen and Rotterdam. Click here for contact details. Alternatively, you can also fill out our Contact Form or send an e-mail to info@careersolution.nlWe will be happy to help you!