Labour market orientation

In the area of labour market orientation, CareerSolution adopts an approach whereby candidates are given insight into their possibilities, competencies and skills, and that results in targeted career advice that considers the actual demand on the labour market. We start the programme with a personal intake interview, after which agreements are made about the content and duration of the programme. While labour market orientation can be a component of an outplacement programme, it can also be used as an independent programme on its own.


CareerSolution’s labour market orientation programme/component consists of the following activities:

  • Intake interview in which we discuss your wishes and define your competencies.
  • Personalised counselling by an experienced vocational advisor. Meetings, assignments and intensive support are all included as standard.
  • Giving a number of tests. An examination of your competencies, motivation, personality traits and preferences for a profession and working environment.
  • Evaluation of the report made by the vocational advisor. A report of the competency profile in relation to the labour market.

Results of the labour market orientation programme

You have chosen a relevant course of direction that fits both with your own competencies as well as the demand in the labour market – a professional course of direction that in the short term is likely to lead to a long-term and pleasant new work community for you.