Individual coaching

At CareerSolution, individual coaching has always been the most important element of the outplacement programmes. Besides a relevant academic background, the coaches at CareerSolution also have extensive experience in the areas of coaching as well as Human Resources. The combination of these two disciplines allows CareerSolution’s coaches to be able to effectively address the challenges that (experienced) people with a higher education face in the current job market.

You will make agreements with your designated coach that you met during the intake interview about which steps of the outplacement or reintegration process are right for you. This will allow you to determine a successful job search strategy. If there are any things that stand in the way of a successful application process, these will be addressed by the coach. Your coach will allow you to focus on the possibilities on the job market instead of the roadblocks, and help you directly by selecting appropriate job listings and guiding you in effectively applying to jobs. Your coach’s recruitment experience and specialised advice will help you with essential aspects such as your CV, cover letter and interviewing skills. In short: your coach is a dependable and knowledgeable sparring partner who will help you find the job that is right for you.