Working for us

At this current time, we are not looking for new staff. However, if you are interested in working with us in the future and you meet the criteria listed in the profile below, we’d happily receive your information.

CareerSolution is a pragmatic and ambitious outplacement agency that has dedicated itself fully to career counselling for people with a higher education. The career coaches that we are looking for must therefore meet the following criteria:

? Have extensive relevant work experience in the field of outplacement and reintegration 2nd track and adopt a pragmatic and result-oriented working method.
? Proven experience and knowledge of individual coaching on outplacement and reintegration processes.
? Have been active in the HR field in the past and at least have extensive experience with
recruitment of people with a higher education.
? Be available as a self-employed person for a number of hours a week.


? Conducting intake interviews.
? Individual coaching of experienced higher-skilled job seekers.
? Provide training on: job interviews, letter/cv, networking.
? Writing placement plans and progress reports.

If you are interested in working together, we would like to receive your information at the following e-mail address: