Outplacement Settlement agreement

Outplacement settlement agreement: A guide for employees and employers Outplacement and settlement agreements are two terms that often appear in the world of HR and employment law. Outplacement is a service that employers can offer to their employees when they are made redundant. It helps employees find new employment through coaching, counselling and training. [...]

Reintegration Coach

Reintegration coach: an indispensable link in return to work Contents 1Introduction2What is a reintegration coach? 3Re-integration coaches at CareerSolution4The role of a reintegration coach5How does a reintegration coach work? 6Effective strategies of reintegration coachesSetting up realistic goalsEmploying network contactsDeveloping self-confidenceCreating structureProviding supportFostering self-reflection Encouraging a [...]

Second Track Burnout

Second Track Burnout Contents 1Second Track Burnout1.1Introduction1.2Second track burnout1.3Factors involved in the success of second track in burnout1.4Effectiveness of second track in burnout1.5Conclusion Introduction Burnout is a serious condition associated with emotional exhaustion, depersonalisation and reduced personal competence. It can lead to health problems, work-related problems and [...]

Outplacement process

Outplacement process Outplacement process: guidance for dismissal and reorientation Losing a job can be a difficult and challenging time. It can lead to feelings of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. This is especially the case when the dismissal is unexpected and there is no immediate prospect of a new job. Fortunately, help is available in [...]

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