Outplacement experiences of our clients

?At CareerSolution, I received exactly the guidance I was looking for. A mature and realistic approach and a process without fuss but ultimately with the desired result!?

The intake at CareerSolution for an outplacement programme went very smoothly. I was able to make an appointment immediately and my wishes regarding the career path were discussed in detail. The personal, very pleasant guidance and the offer to participate in various training courses have significantly increased my chances on the labour market. And that soon became apparent: within 'no time' I had a job again! ?

?CareerSolution thank you very much again for the expert and professional outplacement guidance. I quickly found a nice job.?

?At CareerSolution outplacement, I felt I was taken seriously. I had an interlocutor with whom I could communicate on an equal level. Unfortunately, I couldn't say that about most recruiters. Fortunately, thanks to CareerSolution's expert outplacement guidance, I found a perfectly suitable job ?

?Nice to be able to make use of the training courses offered in addition to the online outplacement guidance. Many short courses but there were a lot of instructive ones among them for me.?

Marianne Mosterd

?The online coaching was much more personal than I expected. ?

Ria van den Akker

?I was coached by Marjan Smit. A very good coach with whom I could discuss a number of personal things well. The facilities offered are nice but especially the expert online coaching helped me a lot.?

Guus Verhagen