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Looking for Outplacement Services with an International Focus? CareerSolution can help you.

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CareerSolution: outplacement and reintegration for higher educated people

Are you an experienced and highly skilled professional and are you interested outplacement ? CareerSolution can help you.

CareerSolution has extensive experience in providing outplacement services for experienced expats.Because CareerSolution is very familiar with the characteristics of highly skilled international labour we are able to optimally support clients in achieving a next career step.

CareerSolution is a medium-sized, renowned outplacement and reintegration firm with 13 office locations in the Netherlands. Our clients are profit and non-profit organisations as well as individual candidates.

The labour market for the highly skilled employees is characterised, amongst other things, by a greater diversity of positions, higher requirements for applicants and a higher degree of complexity with respect to establishing a good match between the applicant and the organisation. Since these aspects constitute an integral part of our services, we are very effective in assisting our clients . We are proud to say that our programmes have a success rate of yearly more than 95%.

Our career programmes are always tailor-made, so clear arrangements are established both with the client and the candidate with respect to the type of outplacement programme to be implemented. Of course, we would be happy to sit down for a free consult and give you all the information you need.

Costs of outplacement

Because every career or outplacement programme is tailored to the wishes of the concerned parties, the estimation of the cost price for outplacement similarly depends on the specific components of the programme. CareerSolution would be happy to itemise the collective wishes for a programme together with you at no obligation and subsequently offer a quotation. Please contact us for more information. Our Offices.

CareerSolution Career Services

Outplacement for the higher educated

Outplacement and reintegration agency specialising in career guidance for experienced higher educated people.

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