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CareerSolution is a reintegration and Outplacement Services with extensive experience in the field of career guidance in general and with second track reintegration processes in particular. We focus specifically on highly educated people so that we can achieve the optimal result for this target group. If you can no longer return to your old position due to illness, we will first investigate whether there are opportunities within your current organization to perform suitable work. If this is not the case, a suitable new position can be sought outside the organization. This is it reintegration second track It’s not always an easy feat to quickly get back to work at a new position that perfectly fits your possibilities and ambitions. Fortunately, CareerSolution is the ideal partner for those with a higher education who want to take a new step in their careers through reintegration. CareerSolution will help you get there.

Guidance on reintegration processes

At CareerSolution you can count on mature and results-oriented reintegration guidance where you will look for suitable work together with an experienced coach. Because all our coaches have extensive HR experience, they know the labor market well enough to successfully complete the sometimes complex second-track reintegration processes. CareerSolution is a renowned, medium-sized reintegration and outplacement agency. Our clients consist of both profit and non-profit organizations. We strive to deliver the highest possible quality in the field of career guidance, outplacement and second track reintegration. Because all coaches at CareerSolution are well informed of the latest developments in the field of legislation and regulations, employers can rest assured that the courses provided fully meet the requirements set by UWV and the provisions of the Gatekeeper Improvement Act.

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Reintegration on the second track is often a complex issue, especially when it concerns reintegration of higher educated people. CareerSolution is happy to help you get back on track. Taking into account the course of the disease process and the working situation at the employer, a program is mapped out that is tailored to your specific situation with the aim of acquiring suitable work that matches your ambition, experience and resilience. The core of CareerSolution's second track reintegration programs is the individual coaching. Our coaches are professional reintegration coaches who are all certified by one of the professional organizations in the Netherlands. In a no-obligation introductory meeting you will get a first impression of the career coach you will be working with. If necessary, the reintegration process can include: labour market orientation,  effective application and effective networking.. In addition, CareerSolution has a wide range of additional support facilities such as the use of tests. All our coaches are certified to give career tests. If desired, you will also have access to useful reference material. Besides this, we provide the option of finding exactly the right job listings for acquire that suit you. For second track reintegration at CareerSolution, you can visit one of our branches in: Amsterdam (two branches), Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Leiden, Amstelveen, Heerhugowaard, Tilburg, Den Bosch, Eindhoven, Breda and Rotterdam. Click here for contact details. Alternatively, you can also fill out our Contact Form or send an e-mail to info@careersolution.nlWe will be happy to help you!
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Reintegration according to the Gatekeeper Act

What are the obligations if a reintegration of the second track has to be used? The Gatekeeper Improvement Act determines what must be done in the event of a long-term illness. The Gatekeeper Improvement Act stipulates that wages must continue to be paid during illness for up to 2 years. During that time, the employer is expected to make efforts with the employee to return to work. The Gatekeeper Improvement Act prescribes which phases the reintegration of the second track guidance process must consist of.

What is the purpose of second track reintegration?

The aim of second track reintegration is to find suitable work. It is important that this work is in line with the workload of the employee. In the first instance, a start will be made with reintegration of the first track: The reintegration will focus on returning to one's own position, possibly with adjustments. If this is not possible, other suitable work in the same organization must be sought. Once a year has passed or it is clear that return within the company is not feasible, the second track reintegration process must be started.

What is the reintegration process in the case of long-term illness?

 Reintegration into one's own position, if necessary with adjustments and facilities (first track). If reintegration into one's own position is not feasible, other options within the company must be sought (1st track). Only when it has been determined that reintegration within the company is probably not feasible, efforts should be focused on work outside the organization from the 52nd week of absence at the latest. We call this the second track. An employment expert is usually called in to properly investigate the options for resuming work within the company. A second-track reintegration trajectory can also be started parallel to a first-track reintegration trajectory. The labor expert knows the law and regulations and can advise the employer on the correct steps during reintegration. Incorrect implementation can lead to a sanction from UWV. UWV assesses afterwards whether the reintegration has taken place correctly. At CareerSolution, all programs are provided in accordance with the Gatekeeper Improvement Act so that both employee and employer can enter the reintegration program with peace of mind.