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individual coaching

Because CareerSolution is specialized in career counseling for people with an internationale back ground for those people this services will have the most added value.

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Learn more about our outplacement process:

Every program can start with an introduction meeting where we will be able to asses the career needs.

 After the outplacement requirements have been agreed, the process can be started immediately. The components will be fully tailored to the candidate's specific situation.

Part of our program can be:

  • Individual coaching

Every topic affecting career choices will be discussed during the career counseling.

Meetings can take place on location or online.

If a new job is found remaining sessions can be used to easy up the new job start.

  • Career Tests

If needed an assessment can be part of the program. CareerSolution has ample career and personality tests available.

  • Networking.

If possible the network of CareerSolution can be used getting a new job

Use of social media also will be a topic since social media are more and more important getting a new job.

  • Training job interviews.

Job interviews can be trained and als cover letter and resume will be reviewed if useful.

  • Jobsearching

Finding all the job vacancies available can be done with our online job vacancy search tool

  • Workshops

Different workshops are available for our clients. Topic are networking, communication or effective job interviews

If it is not possible to organise a group meeting, the topic will be addressed during individual coaching.

  • Online learning platform

Continuing to learn is also important for improving or orienting one's position on the labor market. Candidates therefore have access to the CareerSolution online learning platform for 6 months . The CareerSolution learning platform offers access to 500 different compact training courses and offers courses that are specifically composed for higher educated job seekers. Candidates can follow learning modules in the field of communication, management skills, collaboration, leadership, time management etc.


if you call us at

 085 885 143 We are more than happy to give you all the information requested. Please come by on one of our 14 locations.

Why an outplacement program?

In more than 95% of all cases a new job. The aim is not only to find a new position as quickly as possible, but above all a new job that is suitable.

If your employment contract is terminated, an outplacement process can be a good way to find a new position more quickly. Starting as a self-employed person can also be the goal of an outplacement process.

When to start an outplacement process?

An outplacement process is usually initiated in the event of (imminent) redundancy. This can be because your employer (for whatever reason) does not want to continue with you, but it can also be due to reorganization or termination by mutual consent.

An Outplacement program has advantages for both the employer and the employee. The employee receives appropriate advice and often finds a new job more quickly. By providing outplacement, the employer fulfills its legally established responsibility for being a good employer. The employee's right to outplacement is often laid down in a social plan or settlement agreement.

Do you work in education and are you looking for an outplacement program? Then check out the website of Education Restart for more information over outplacement services for schools.

What are the cost of outplacement services?

The costs depend on the duration and effort that will be made. Which components are and which are not in the outplacement process. Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate that meets your needs.

What does outplacement look like?

This depends on the specific situation. Not everyone goes through the same phases. In addition, a phase can go quite quickly for some, but take a little more time for others. Due to the customization that CareerSolution offers, there is plenty of room for this

Outplacement services can have these parts:

acceptation of termination

If you qualify for outplacement, you may be fired or have already received it. Either way, that's a loss. Feelings such as anger, despair or insecurity have to be more or less processed in order to be able to look ahead again and be optimally motivated to find a new job.

core competencies

To be able to apply successfully, it is important to know your own qualities well. That may sound obvious, but especially after a long term of service it is good to take a look at all your developed and as yet undeveloped qualities. The well-known three questions: who am I, what can I, what do I want? are addressed. One or more tests may be part of this study. A possible need for (additional) training can also be determined.

Job market orientation

Many people who enter an outplacement process have not applied for a long time. All aspects of applying are covered. Writing a letter, preparing a CV and conducting a job interview are all subjects that are discussed in an outplacement process.

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An outplacement process. What are the benefits?

With an outplacement programme, you have many advantages as an employee. You increase your chances of finding a new job more quickly and sustainably than if you start applying for jobs independently. Below, we discuss some of the benefits that outplacement can offer:

Greater chance of finding a new job - by starting outplacement as soon as there are indications that you need to leave the organisation, you are in a strong position to successfully search for something else.

Finding a job that suits you - maybe you are more dissatisfied with your current job than ever? Outplacement can help make your dream job a reality!

Professional guidance at employer's expense - enjoy professional guidance while being helped with the search process or perhaps heading towards entrepreneurship.

Unique career change opportunity - want to do something different in your career? An outplacement programme gives you unique opportunity here!